How People Can Enjoy Full Benefits Of Unity Living Organization?

To enjoy the benefits of Unity Living org. you must me a committed member of Unity Living org, or a Philanthropic Member. You can pick up registration forms from any of our designated centres nationwide or register online on our website. After the completion of your registration and verification of your details, your membership commitment passport which also serves as an identity card will be issued to you within the period of fourteen working days. You will also be posted to a cell group closest to your area of residence or a cell group of like minds organised by you. It’s optional for Philanthropic donors to collect commitment passport.

Who Is A Philantropic Member?

Persons or group of individuals that decide to donate without compulsion in furtherance of the aims and objectives of the organization or donate for specific designed projects they want the organization to implement in areas of choice. These individuals are entitled to Philanthropic Commitment Gold Passport and it is optional for them to have it. The Philanthropic Commitment Gold Passport can also be used to access some exceptional benefits of Unity Living organization if the donor so desire.

What Is Commited Membership?

Members in this category can be from all works of life. Committed Membership is driven by the ideology of oneness, an undisputable fact that when people are united for a positive purpose they can transform a dying thing to a health living thing, breakdown Mountains of limitations and make barren lands fruitful. It doesn’t matter any one’s perceived level or status in the society, what Unity living organization is providing is needed by everyone in divers ways.

The millionaire doesn’t have a fire service trucks amongst his fleet of cars, when highway accidents happen the kind of responders that come for rescue can determine life or death, when expertise required for divers medical surgery is closer to home and it’s affordable everyone benefits, when scholarship is given either to our children or committed members furthering their education it advances not only their lives but the society, When libraries are built and equipped, when standard vocational training facilities are provided for the training of our youths everyone benefits, when grants are provided for research and development, even the legal protection of members etc; it’s a win, win situation for all. Members in this category participate through minimal mandatory donations as requested by unity Living Organization weekly or monthly or as the need arises, members can also offer freewill donations; and donations either mandatory or freewill are recorded on member’s commitment passport and online portal.

What Is A Commitment Passport?

The commitment Passport is the personal donation ledger and Identity card of each committed member and non-anonymous Philanthropic member. It is used to record all donation made compulsorily or wilfully for the actualisation of the aims and objectives of Unity Living org for societal development. Every contribution made will be entered into member’s personal ledger (Commitment Passport) and member’s portal online as proof of evidence of member’s commitment and duly signed by the member’s cell leader or coordinating supervisor if a member has not been assigned to a cell group.

Inside the commitment passport benefits to be enjoyed are also listed and they are to be marked as members enjoy the listed benefits, which also serve as proof of the organization’s commitment to the social and economic wellbeing of the member. The commitment Passport is what members presents when making requests for needed benefits, it also help members to access the organizations facilities anywhere in the world.

What Is A Cell Group?

A Cell Group is a segmented unit of Unity Living Organization members for easy management and funding. Every cell group is allowed to have a minimum membership limit of twenty members and a maximum membership limit of one hundred members. Unity Living Organization determines the cell group you are assigned to within your area of residence or work depending on your choice of preference. However, Members can organize with people of like minds within the same residential or working area to form a cell group and it’s also dependent on the approval of the organization.

Every Cell group must be officially inaugurated and official guidelines given. Members of same cell group can still meet before their official induction. Every Cell Group is expected to present a business proposal that they can successfully do as a group within the period of six or eight months after induction. Proposals are to be sent to the Businesses Development & Grant Board for vetting and recommendation.