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Unity Living Lifestyle for Security, Empowerment and Freedom.

Transcript of President's Facebook live broadcast on 30/08/2017.
Topic: Unity Living Lifestyle for Security, Empowerment and Freedom.

Hello Good morning, I’m Iziegbe Osawe, Noble Citizen of Unity Living Organization for societal development.

We want to use the opportunity to sympathize with the people of Sierra Leone and the people of Texas in America. We are encouraged by the Unity living lifestyle people of these countries have practiced during this time of great distress and need. The capacity for People to unite for the well being of those in need is amazing, especially in times of disaster.

Unity living lifestyle is the true human spirit and should not only be practiced in times of great distress. We at Unity Living Organization have decided to make it a way of life, to tackle group or individual disasters, be there for each other in providing scholarships, legal, medical, financial, Research, housing aids, Training facilities and others required as humans for proper living.

This organization was set up with three key things in mind, security, empowerment and freedom. It’s like an insurance policy that members can fall back on or rely on to move to the next level. Everyone needs an insurance policy irrespective of your status in the society right now.

Together we can make great things happen in our lives and nation. We have lost some researchers to other nations of the world due to lack of funding for their research projects; some start-ups remain mere ideas yet have the capacity to be like Facebook due to funding.

Supposedly rich, middle class and poor have been bankrupt, died untimely or disabled due to lack of funds for quality health care. Many youths are roaming the streets without hands on the job skills, etc. these should not be if we work together to build a Unity living lifestyle that is being proposed by this great organization.

Join us now! Log on to www.unitylivingng.org to get registered, sign up is free. Get to know more about us or contact us via our website. Let’s unite to do great things for ourselves and the society at large.

You can drop your question on the comment section or send it via a private message. It is all for one and one for all. Thank you for being part of this broadcast. Have a nice day.
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