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Latest News And Events

Unity Living Organizations broadcasts the news of its activities and events from time to time, so stay tuned.


Unity Living Organization for Societal Development is passionate about carrying out humanitarian aid wherever it’s needed and the organization is also committed to the individuals who made them happen.

The homeless Shelter & Training facilities, food and temporary shelter aid for those displaced by war and natural disaster, Emergency High way accident response centres, Public libraries, Equipped City Centres, public awareness campaigns aimed at improving sanitation; promoting gender equality, encouraging education of the girl child and more are goals we are passionate about for the benefit of the general public wherever they are executed.

However, we are also committed to the men and women who contributed in one way or the other to make these things happen. Though we constantly anticipate donations from philanthropists, donor agencies, government agencies, we believe that willing members of this great organization are entitled to benefits aimed at empowering their lives in numerous ways (Click to see committed members benefit).

To unlock these benefits individuals must complete their registration forms in other to obtain their commitment passport.

To enjoy the benefits of Unity Living org. you must me a committed member of Unity Living org, or a Philanthropic Member. You can pick up registration forms from any of our designated centres nationwide or register online on our website. After the completion of your registration and verification of your details, your membership commitment passport which also serves as an identity card will be issued to you within the period of fourteen working days. You will also be posted to a cell group closest to your area of residence or a cell group of like minds organised by you. It’s optional for Philanthropic donors to collect commitment passport.
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