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Written By Osawe Iziegbe Ogie, President Unity Living Organization for Societal Development.

The black man's struggle cannot be complete without acknowledging the whites from the different background that made some of the significant achievements of the struggle possible. The black man's struggle should be classified as humanity’s struggle because the emancipation of blacks cannot be fully actualized by only blacks but by the efforts of all races, coming together against injustices to the human body.

To label it as the black man's struggle is to strengthen resilience of the opposing force to make the survival of their kind possible, and uppermost by insisting on the continuous suppression of the black struggle ideology because a win for the black struggle signifies a weakness on their part and no group of people would want to be tamed or compromise stands that undermines their privileges.

It becomes universal when the struggle projects that injustices were done to a part of humanity because that is what it is. The inventions of the black man are universally used, the crop grown by the black man and from the black land is consumed by all, and the black doctor heals all. When any person or group of people try to limit the black man, they limit the human race. When a black man is unjustly killed a member of human race has been killed.

This universal identification will rally more people to the cause of emancipating not only the black man but all that suffer injustices in whatever guise around the world. When the war on slavery lost its ethnic, gender, religious and colour identification, it became the fight of all members of humanity because the scourge of slavery affects all and likewise, is the actions of injustice.

Written By Osawe Iziegbe Ogie, President Unity Living Organization for Societal Development.
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