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Nigeria is a great country.

Nigeria is a great country.

Happy Independence celebration Nigerians, this great country passed on to us by our founding fathers has added another year, though ruffled, gains few and desperation keeps growing every passing day.

I believe without doubt in my heart that these times are here to test our will to survive whatever is thrown at us and to spark up our brain to take actions that will grow our individual lives and nation.

We shouldn’t be afraid of the challenges we face; tough times are angels in disguise, and their visitation has helped mankind to ask tough questions that has given birth to numerous inventions and grown countries from obscurity to beacons of light that has made our world brighter.

The past is gone, don’t wish for it, now is all we have and what we can do with it is completely our decision. The challenges we face are rocky; I know we are built for times like this. That’s why we can break down mountainous rocks to make roads through wilderness and deep valleys.

Nigeria is a great country; don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. However, we are always plagued with leaders who use ethnic and religious sentiments to stir up hate between the people, while they enrich themselves, associates and build comfortable fortresses for their offspring. They also keep the best contracts and high-paying jobs for themselves.

Ethnic and religious sentiment is an old trick that works on Nigerians all the time because we have failed to ask ourselves simple questions.

Where in Nigeria is life safe? Where in Nigeria is there constant power? Where in Nigeria are there jobs? Where in Nigeria are there SMEs developmental grants or loans available and easily accessible? Where in Nigeria can you report a case at a police station without paying money to police as mobilization for arrest? Where in Nigeria do we have access to public water? Where in Nigeria do we have an affordable and quality health care system? Where Nigeria can an ordinary citizen call an ambulance in terms of medical emergency and get a response? Etc. The answers to these questions are the same in the north, west, south and east.

We are not enemies to each other; our unity is not the problem. Our problems are those that convert national and state wealth to personal wealth. Our problems are the people that pass laws to protect their own interests while been paid with public money to work for the interests of the people.

The young people must strive to get themselves to leadership position. Now is ours, but we have been cowardly giving it away because we are too afraid to face the truth. We choose to believe the lies we are told because we are hunting for favours we would gladly show off to our peers as achievements.

We have become too lazy, cherish the easy way out and blame others for not taking the required hard decisions that can properly shape our nation and create an enabling environment for all.
We must begin to see ourselves as integral part of the solution; we must start disrupting the status quo with our innovative and daring ideas that can have a national and state impact. Right now, we can do so much.
I believe that we can do so much if we work together, that we should hope and not despair. www.unitylivingng.org was created for that purpose. An organization designed to empower lives and help government to build a working, sustainable and efficient society we can be proud of.
Humans die! We are not going to be around for so long... let's stop the blame game, complaining and start the process of uniting for the purpose of taking our nation out of one of the darkest times since we gained independence.
Osawe Izzi Ogie,
Unity Living Organization for Societal Development.
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