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I believe we can empower each other through the practice of Unity Living lifestyle. We can fund struggling SMEs, new startups, medical research, Agricultural research, medicals through this process. It is also possible for everyone to use Unity Living lifestyle to fund their own inevitabilities.

Right now 10,000,000 individuals in my nation alone are in possession of N1,000 that will be wasted on alcohol, snacks that is not a necessity, soft drinks that adds no value to our health etc.

United that same money can become 10,000,000,000.00 (Ten billion Naira) in less than a day.

SMES , manufacturing, startups, researchers, struggling entrepreneurs, Cell groups can get grants etc.. funds can also return to fund scholarships, train Street kids, build rural community and city libraries, medicals, emergency housing for victims of disaster, development of sporting and art facilities etc.

This amount through its activities can generate more than one thousand jobs in six months. You, Your kids and mine can be beneficiaries of this United funds that could have been wasted. In the next 2hrs more than One billion people will be wasting that same amount around the world.

Yet we blame the people running the government agencies but failed to realize the power we also have as a United people.

We are dying soon (50 year later is) , no one lives forever!

Let's use our lives to build legacies that can outlive us and create a better society for the ones that are coming.

I'm passionate about this truth. I think it is a curse I bear; to believe that people can work together to create a greater good for all.
Believe with us as we take our steps in firing up one of the greatest pro people Non Governmental Organization in Nigeria and the world.

Osawe Iziegbe Ogie

You can also forward Support donations to Unity Living Organization for Societal Development, ACT No: 0077923061 Bank: Diamond Bank PLC

log on to www.unitylivingng.org to register
If you want to be our Pioneer Ambassador you can send us an email on info@unitylivingng.org or Aunityliving@gmail.com or use the contact details on this site

8am - 5pm, Monday - Saturday.
Our Emergency response line will be out soon.
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