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Latest News And Events

Unity Living Organizations broadcasts the news of its activities and events from time to time, so stay tuned.


The commitment passport is a powerful personal donation ledger, Identification passport and benefits accessing card. When you become a member of our great organization, the commitment passport is used to register all your wilful and compulsory minimal donations.

The passport also serves as a form of identification. With your commitment passport, you can access help from our community, and use it to request for any of our numerous benefits all committed members can access.

The passport connects you with other members uniquely; you automatically begin to share common bond, protection, empowerment, freedom that all members of our community enjoy. As a commitment passport carrying member of our organization, you must be an exemplary citizen. A citizen who respects the law, work hard, promote peace and unity.

Every member of our organization is regarded as a higher breed or a noble citizen because we are people focused not on only the betterment of ourselves; we are also passionate about the good of others, society and environment.
When your rights are infringed we unite for you, when you are in need of medical surgery, transplant or any life-threatening conditions, we are there for you. When you have a fantastic start-up business idea that has received the approval seal of our Start-up grant board, we shall unite to provide the grant for you, etc. (See Benefits on www.unitylivingng.org) There is so much to gain from Unity Living lifestyle. log on to register now!
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