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Unity Living Organizations broadcasts the news of its activities and events from time to time, so stay tuned.


We are united for the purpose of being our brother's keeper even when in need, undertake key infrastructural projects in education, Skill acquisition, medicals, recreation parks, housing and giving of grants to members for SMEs, Research & Development, Education, Start-ups, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Medicals, Sports development and Performing Arts Studies.

When you are a member of our community, your problem is the problem of our community, and your aspirations are our primary concern.

In the future, five years henceforth, we shall consider the introduction of newly born child benefit, a monthly stipend in support of parents in the raising of their child. The first milestone is to introduce it in the first five years of the child’s life.

Unity Living Organization is not a get-rich quick community, it’s a social community that protects and empowers every community member to be the best they can be.

Every member pays a registration donation fee of 10,000.00 Naira only and 10% of that amount goes to the referral.
There is a monthly compulsory donation 1000.00 Naira only which can also be paid from your referral bonuses for every member introduced.
Every member can get back their initial 10,000.00 Naira registration fee by introducing 10 members to the community and can pay off 12,000 Naira yearly monthly dues by introducing extra 12 people yearly. Every member is also entitled to 9% bonus from every mile stone of 100 members introduced.

We also call for minimal donations to assist members in need and execution of projects that are beneficial to the community – minimum donation call of 300 to 1000 or more for committed members and 1000 - 10,000 or more for philanthropic members.

Passionate Members can decide to donate above minimum donations gazetted ..
The percentage explanation is to illustrate that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from the bigger picture. The Potential of our population is unlimited and so is our potential to raise money in furtherance of our objectives.
From these funds, we shall give out money to cell groups for investment, start-ups, scholarships, etc. that you or our children shall benefit from ( For more; you can visit www.unitylivingng.org and click on Benefit).

For being a member of Unity Living Organization for Societal Development ;
You will enjoy bonuses from people you introduced and registered in the community
You will be a part in sharing group investment quarterly or yearly profit earned (You can earn up to five or six figures income yearly
You will enjoy or be in line for a house Mortgage with fix and very minimal repayment plan
You will be legally protected.
You and your children will enjoy Scholarship Awards if our scholarship exam is passed
You will enjoy Agricultural grant
You will enjoy Start-up Grant if you have a good start-up idea.

You will enjoy all-expense paid medical surgery
You will enjoy crashed price in Business & Personal Development Seminars
You will earn research grant if you are a researcher
You will earn a grant for you manufacturing business if you are manufacturer
You will enjoy library or Leisure Park built in your area
You will enjoy employment in Member’s or Cell Businesses that received our grant
You have the opportunity to acquire new skills in our ultra-modern skill acquisition Schools.
You have everything to gain.. Together, our potential accomplish great things is unlimited.
It is all for one and one for all
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