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A Keynote speech rendered by Osawe Iziegbe Ogie (President) on 17th/12/2016 at Unity Living Organization Annually Think Tank Meeting.

Good Afternoon ladies and gentlemen, esteemed Noble citizens of our great country & Organization. You are welcome to 2016 Unity Living Organization for Societal Development end of the year think tank meeting. (When I say, “all for one,' please reply by saying, “One for all”)
This meeting is about finding the best way forward for our organization that is projected to have Noble Citizens base of five million active members or more, and we shall be in a position to administer budgets of up to 75 billion naira annually; for purposes that are beneficial to our rural areas, cities and lives of all committed noble citizens of this great organization.
After our speeches and presentation by the head of our IT department, we will like the noble citizens present at this think tank meeting to ask questions that we can use to improve our existing plans. The Noble Citizens present can also make one or more suggestions on how we can become a better organization with more realistic goals. If you have suggestions to make, indicate by raising your hand and say, “I have suggestions to present”
There is a pen and a note pad on every seat, so we expect all Noble Citizens to please take notes from the speeches, presentation and newsletter given to us.
We would appreciate your contributions. Thank you once again for honouring this invitation.

In the year 1994, 31st December breaking 1st January 1995 my family lost a very close family friend whom I grew up to recognise as an uncle. His name was John Igbinoba. He worked at a company called CAMCO in Port Harcourt. On that faithful 31st December 1994 night as he was driving from Benin City after dropping off his children with his mum for the New Year celebration his car was attacked by unknown gun men along Patani Road. The assailant shot at his car as they chased him. One of the bullets penetrated his back through his seat; making him to lose control over his car. The car tumbled and compressed terribly, but he managed to come out of it and crawled out to the road. From the villagers account, he cried for help until early hours of January 1st 1995 before giving up the ghost. He was alive for up to about six hours before bleeding to death. The villagers confirmed that the police drove passed in pretense of pursing Mr John’s attackers, they never came back for him. The villagers could do nothing, no emergency stations, coupled with complications of rescuing a victim with gun wounds. A father, son, brother and uncle dearly loved died like he never came.
Until this day, people are still dying from avoidable deaths on our highways due to lack of emergency response units on our highways. Anyone can be next. Our life is precious; every death terminates dreams and necessary support to families yet we feel comfortable because we are not yet victims. We feel powerless because we think it is not our responsibilities to change the things that can suddenly terminate any life, including our own.

In some five square kilometers area in Nigeria, there are parked cars and properties worth tens of billions. However, you won’t find a single designated fire service station or truck in case of fire emergency twenty and won’t find any ten, fifteen or twenty Kilometres away.
On November 2015, I was in Benin City when the House opposite where I stay in GRA, Owen Street, Ihiama, Benin City was gutted with fire.
I drove down to the fire service station at Ring road, close to the Palace of Oba of Benin. The officers at the state fire station confirmed to me that none of the new looking fire trucks, including the one displayed at the ring road roundabout were functional. We were left to the mercy of the fire and watched the house razed to the ground while we silently prayed for ours to be spared. Even the so-called big man area is not safe and the story of a fire outbreak always ends the same way nationwide.

In the year 2016 A vibrant business man, Pastor, husband, father and member of one of the most influential families in Benin City, was attacked by armed robbers in his newly built house at Government Residential Area Benin City. In the process of trying to rob him, they shot him on the lower side of his stomach. The thieves absconded with his phone and tied up his security. He waited for more than thirty minutes for the thieves to live before daring to come out of his house while he bled profusely. He had to undertake an arduous trek for another thirty or fifty minute to a friend’s house. There was no phone booth for any emergency call or any emergency first responder station. In his critical state, he was still at the mercy of his assailant; his gun shot injuries despite his own personal struggle against all odds.
On getting to his friend’s house the security man refused him entry and also refused to alert his boss because he didn’t recognize him and was not sure if he was genuine. Suddenly, it occurred to him to request from the security man his phone, and that was how he contacted his wife. When the security man heard his conversation, he became convinced and alerted his boss. Eventually, the friend rushed him to the Government Teaching Hospital Benin.
We heard the news later that morning, and we were in Benin. When we got to the hospital emergency ward, the things I saw were almost unbelievable. We met him in a stable condition lying on a worn-out stretcher but the plight of other patients on the emergency ward caught my attention. Some victims of serious emergency cases had no beds, and were sitting on chairs waiting for any of the few beds to be free. The Pastor miraculously survived the ordeal. However, he was later flown abroad for surgery and proper medical care.
Why fly him abroad? I’m not against his over sea trip my concern is. Why can’t we have the same standard here in Nigeria? What if it was an ordinary citizen with no money to get the best care abroad? Why is it impossible to equip the place that can determine life or death of a common man or a rich man?

There was a very remarkable teenager in my neighbourhood called Odeme where I grew; he passionately wanted to be an artist. He carves draws and can artistically put ordinary things together and make it look extraordinary. His father was a police man; he cared nothing for his son despite several pleas from the boy and neighbours for Odeme to be sent to the only existing government craft centre in Port Harcourt after his primary school fell on deaf ears. I was young; I felt Odeme’s pain any time we talked and wished I could help.
Soon, people started noticing that the boy was changing. He became very arrogant and unnecessarily aggressive. One day, we heard he has been arrested for armed robbery, when the mother went to see his son that was arrested alive, and well she met his corpse outside the police station. The boy died a teenager.
Odeme’s Story is the story of many youths nationwide. Despite their zeal to become better citizens hash conditions pushes them into the hands of devious people that lure their young minds into vices that are antisocial. By our collective actions, we push them to become societal deviants and kill them extra judicially for what the society made them become. Every nation must make plans for their youths because they are truly the future of tomorrow.
How many more do we have to kill before we can take the right actions that can empower them and make them productive citizens in the society?

On first December 2011, Nigerian Daily trust published a story on Muhammad Abdulkarim from Yobe State, But I came across the post on Niraland.
“Muhammad Abdulkarim a Nigerian from Yobe State, received the best student paper award at the Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence conference in Singapore for his research project, which uses artificial intelligence tools to prospect for oil in shallow and deep waters. The conference was attended by eminent scientists from all over the world. Besides Abdulkarim, the only other awardees is a professor from Switzerland.
Before we get excited about Abdulkarim let's hear his Nigerian story.
Abdulkarim said that rather than getting help from his university when he told them he was going for a PhD, he was discouraged. 'I faced many challenges before coming to Malaysia. As a lecturer with University of Abuja, I had to take a study leave but when I applied, the HOD of my department said I should defer my admission, it took the intervention of the then DVC, Professor Nwabueze to extricate me from the obstacles the HOD placed on my path. After that, I applied for the ETF sponsorship through the university, and Professor Nwabueze assured me that my name was on the list of those getting it, however, his tenure as DVC ended. Up until now, my application for ETF has not been approved. They have also refused to pay my salary. Abdulkarim was a junior lecturer with the University of Abuja in the Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science before leaving for Malaysia for a doctorate programme at the Department of Computer and Information Sciences of Universiti Teknologi Petronas.
Abdulkarim futher said that 'Malaysians, on the other hand, pay me almost N200, 000 a month just for my research work, besides paying for materials, conferences and workshops. Further, while my country which needs me, the most only discourages me, I've received offers of research collaboration from all the continents around the world except Africa. After the conference, professors from renowned laboratories were eager to give me their cards and promising incentives if I joined them.
Some wanted to know if I intended going back to Nigeria. At the last count, there were 10 professors who wanted me to work with them after my PhD. They're precisely from Germany, Japan, Sweden, Iran, Jordan, USA, New Zealand, Taiwan, Czech Republic and Switzerland.
'I really need to say here that even though I am not a Malaysian, Universiti Teknologi Petronas, being the number one in oil and gas research in Malaysia, gave me the entire necessary and enabling environment to operate and achieve this success. They sponsored all the workshops that I attended on learning how to use some simulators. They also paid for my training anywhere I wished to go. Therefore, on my own side, I also make sure I don't disappoint them.'

Abdulkarim story is that of thousands of Nigerians who have fled or still facing the harsh reality of our system despite their intelligence.

On March 7, 2016 - The Minster of State for Labour, Chief James Ocholi (SAN), his wife and son died in a fatal auto crash along Abuja-Kaduna highway. The pictures we saw online showed him and his loved ones been loaded on the back of a pickup van like bags of corn. He may even be alive at the time but because professional's responders are never around thousands of people of all class have died on our high ways due to unprofessional first responders and lack of any nearby emergency units to administer the appropriate first aid. Many lives can be saved if the communities on our highways can be made useful through training some community members and giving them the right tools to respond to emergencies.
Right now, I live in an oil-rich state, but I don’t know of any emergency number to call in case of any medical emergency.
Many business start-ups in Nigeria that have the capacity to create thousands of jobs and earn us millions of foreign exchange have been frustrated due to lack of proper financing conditions and support from any established system.
Millions of youths are roaming around the street without any basic vocational skills, if they are properly trained and meaningfully engaged they have the capacity of contributing billions of Naira to our local and national purse through tax yearly. The stories of woes in our country can go on forever. However, that’s not the reason we are here.

We are here today to talk about how we can implement Unity Living Lifestyle; the ultimate aid solution to Nigeria’s Societal Degradation. I called it the Ultimate aid because the Noble citizens of this country and organization will holistically and deliberately participate through Unity Life Style in assisting the government to build the society we can be happy to live in.
First, we must understand that there is a disharmony among citizens. We have evolved “a nation of individual sovereignty”. Every man for himself and his family alone; this style of living has taken its toll in all areas of our lives. It has crippled everything that is dear to us and reversed the few gains of the past after the colonial masters left. I believe it is time to unite again irrespective any part of the country you are from, and trust in the ability of our unity to empower us and help build the nation of our dreams.
Together we can make our country great; this is the reason Unity Living Organization for societal development was founded and duly registered with Corporate Affairs Commission as a Non-governmental organization. It is passionately driven to unite noble citizens of this country to empower ourselves and help government to build an efficient and sustainable society we can be proud of. The noble citizens of this country can organize to support the government by putting in place structures, services, funding and training that can be beneficial to our lives and improve the efficiency of our cities and rural areas.

We believe that the insignificant Naira that we waste consciously or unconsciously can be put to good use if we can unite them and uprightly administer it.
Permit me to make this illustration. Right now, one million Nigerians have one thousand naira they would spend in the next one hour for what they can absolutely do without. That same one thousand naira can be one billion naira if it is systematically united.
That is 1000 X 1000,000 = 1,000,000,000.00
The one billion naira can improve, empower or build one or numerous things. It can improve a medical facility; build a standard vocational training centre, give scholarships to children and parents, fund research, fund a heart treatment or kidney transplant, provide library in a rural community, build cottage hospitals, fund struggling or new SMEs, acquire parcels of land for farming, fund a start-up and others.
The potential of the one thousand naira in my pocket and yours can either produce a result that can empower lives or be wasted on something you and I will never remember in the next five hours or twenty-four hours.
Unity Living lifestyle pays; it turns drops of water to a following ocean. It makes the weak strong, and it can transform cities in rubbles to city of marbles in just few years. That’s the reason we are introducing it and intend to sustain its legacy in our life times and bequeath it to the next generation.
A legacy that motivates everyone to care about their society and people that exist in it is the desire of billions of people around the world.

Unity Living Organization for Societal Development was constituted for the purpose of being our brother's keeper even when in need, undertake key infra structural projects in education, Skill acquisition, medicals, recreation parks, housing and granting of grants to members for SMEs, Research & Development, Education, Start-ups, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Sports development and Performing Arts Studies.
When you become a member of our community, your problem comes to be the problem of the community, and your aspirations become our primary concern.
In the future, five years henceforth we shall consider the introduction of newly born benefit, a monthly stipend in support of parents in the raising of their child. The first milestone is to introduce it in the first five years of the child’s life.
Unity Living Organization is not a get-rich quick community, it’s a social community that protects and empowers every community member to be the best they can be.

The funding of our community programmes rests with committed members & philanthropic members even though we constantly solicit funds from non-member philanthropists, corporate organizations and government agencies.
Every member pays a registration fee of 10,000.00 and 10% of that amount goes to the referral. Everyone can register online. Every registered member has their private portal where all transactions and bonuses are duly entered
There is a monthly compulsory donation 1000 which can also be paid from your referral bonuses for every member introduced.
Every member can get back their initial 10,000.00 registration by introducing 10 members to the community and can pay off 12,000 yearly monthly dues by introducing extra 12 people yearly. Every member is also entitled to 9% bonus from every mile stone of 100 members introduced.
We also call for minimal donations to assist members in need and execution of projects that are beneficial to the community – minimal donation call of N300 to to N1000.
The percentage explanation is to illustrate that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from the bigger picture. The Potential of our population is unlimited and so is our potential to raise money in furtherance of our objectives.
From these funds, we shall give out money to cell groups for investment, start-ups, scholarships, etc. that you or our children shall benefit from ( For more; you can visit www.unitylivingng.org and click on Benefit).
Imagine when you have been a Committed member for five years and all you have donated is in the minimum amount of 150,000 (Monthly Dues + Compulsory minimal donations, wilful donation). Note: (Those that can donate more wilfully for the execution of certain projects are encouraged to do so) And you have enjoyed bonuses from People you introduced worth six figures, far more than your dues or donations .You have been a part in sharing group investment quarterly profit and have earned
An estimated minimal amount of worth six figures yearly
You have enjoyed or be in line for a house Mortgage with very minimal repayment plan
You are legally protected
You or your children enjoys Scholarship Awards
You have enjoyed Agricultural grant
You have enjoyed Start-up Grant
You have enjoyed all-expense paid medical surgery
You have enjoyed crashed price Business & Personal Development Seminars
You have earned research grant
You have earned an Aid grant for you manufacturing business
You have enjoyed library or Leisure Park built in your area
You enjoyed employment in Member’s Businesses that got our grant
You have acquired new skills in our ultra-modern skill acquisition Schools etc
You have everything to gain.. Together, our potential accomplish great things is unlimited.
It is all for one and one for all

I will repeat that this Organization has the potential of administering an annual budget of seventy five billion naira and I encourage everyone who hasn’t joined to do so.
When you look at the newsletter, you will see commitment passport. It’s a vital part of our membership, and a must have for every committed noble citizen of our community.
It has vital information about you and also serves as your own personal ledger for the recording of all the donations you have made in furtherance of the objectives of our organization. The committed passport also has listed benefits that will be marked as you enjoy them. The commitment passport gives all committed noble citizens access to all our facilities, benefits and services anywhere in the country or world where we have established our presence.
The burden of being a member of unity living organization is insignificant compared with the truck load of benefits every committed member shall enjoy.
Join us now so we can make Nigeria great together.

Thank you for your time.

Muhammad Abdulkarim Story Credit(http://allafrica.com/stories/201112010353.html Via Niaraland)
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