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We are very sad about the news of her passing after her recovery from Coma. We have tried to reach out to the family when we first learnt she regained consciousness but to no avail. We want to confirm from the members of her family about this tragic news, and would like to meet with them. Anyone with useful information please let us know (See contact).

Many deaths happen in road accidents due to lack of professional response and most times the hospitals they are taken to don't help matters. I had an experience once with an accident victim, I took him to a clinic; the only clinic we located was after twenty kilometers drive and it is a government clinic. On getting there, no doctor or nurse was present to do the needful in fact; the hospital looked deserted.

Luckily, he wasn't seriously injured but help came twenty minutes later. What if he was badly injured, what if he was hurt like joy?

The citizens of Nigeria have to wake up and start providing some basic amenities like road accident response centers (That can save many accident victims), etc. for themselves. Together we can do it. This weekend despite the economic hardship more than ten million Nigerians have spent 25 billion Naira on alcohol, etc. assuming they spent 2,500 each.

We can help the government to build an efficient society by uniting our tokens in developing pro people infrastructures. Life is precious and any life can be Bill Gates, Dangote, etc.

We have created a platform that can make this possible. Let's empower our lives and build efficient nation together.
What happened to Joy has happened to thousands of Nigerians before now, and it can happen to anyone right now.
Log on to www.unitylivingng.org to register now if you want to be a part of positive history. You are welcome to the family.
Written by : Osawe Iziegbe Ogie, President- Unity Living Organization for Societal Development.
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