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People’s Secretariat building is the proposed headquarters building of Unity Living Org. It is the central place where dedicated volunteer and paid staffs will work to carry out the key objectives of the organization. The building will have 500 offices, a couple of conference halls, sick bay, cafeteria, and some other facilities that will enable the smooth running of the organization and ensure the comfort and safety for the people making sure we are delivering on our promises of empowering lives and helping governments to develop sustainable and efficient societies.

This building will house passionate professionals solely with the aim of executing humanitarian activities for the good of mankind. You have to be a part of history by uniting your donation with thousands or millions of others from around the world for the building of THE PEOPLE’S SECRETARIATE.
Dare to dream with us, dare to play a part in the actions that will make this a reality. The gain of acting together for the achievement of greater goals is limitless. Think of the lives to be empowered, those in desperate needs that will be saved, lost hopes that will be rekindled, etc. you and your loved ones may be among the beneficiaries if you so desire.
When scholarships are given either to our children or committed members furthering their education, it advances not only their lives but the society. When libraries are built and equipped, when standard vocational training facilities are provided for the training our youths, everyone benefits. When grants are provided for research and development businesses are created.

When medical surgeries are paid for to save a dying person, when medical facilities are built and equipped to treat even the most complex diseases, when exceptional start-ups are given the necessary grants, when rural areas are empowered, and more we are passionate about for the triumph of humanity. Many of these great humanitarian actions will be taken from PEOPLE’S SECRETARIATE.
What do you have to lose if you decide to unite your five, ten, twenty, thirty, forty, etc. hundreds or thousands USD with others? How would you feel when you realized that your donation today empowered many lives and will transform nations tomorrow?
When we do something for the greater good we win.
All donation counts!

Please send in your donations today:
ACCT NAME: Unity Living Organization for Societal Development
Act Number: 0076349237
Bank: Diamond Bank Nigeria
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