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On the 18th of June 2016, is the official launch date of the DON'T LITTER PH CITY CAMPAIGN.

As an NGO that is driven by the purpose of empowering lives and developing efficient societies, we are alarmed at the way Port Harcourt city and its environs are being littered with plastic bottles, plastic bags and tin cans by its citizens.
Despite all the government is doing to keep the city clean the people living within the city care less or seems to be unaware of the environmental consequences of their actions.

With the help of our partners, we have designed a Concrete waste recyclable collector unit designed for collecting plastics and cans only for recycling. They are to be strategically place within Port Harcourt city and its environs.

Plastics and tin cans are the most littered items in PH city, and we want you, corporate organizations, etc. to play a part in this historical event of uniting with one voice to STOP THE LITTERING OF PH CITY.
Events to be accomplished before, on and after the launch date.
1) Casting In situ of Concrete Waste Recyclable Collector Unit (Before)
2) Using online and other media outlets to create awareness of the campaign and to call on the general public to get involved throughout the process of ending the indiscriminate littering of Port Harcourt City and its environs with plastics & tin cans. (Before, on& After)
3) Organize and invite the public to participate in the plastics and cans picking parade on the day of campaign launch.
4) Unveiling of the Concrete Waste Recyclable Collector Unit to the general public. (on)
5) Sharing of Flyers aimed at educating the Public on the use of waste recyclable collector units, the importance of plastics and cans Waste Management and the dangers they pose to our environment if they are not properly disposed.
6) Organize lectures in Primary and Secondary Schools within the City on the proper way to dispose Plastics and Cans, how the waste can create wealth and the danger it poses to our environment if the right things are not done. (After)

Call us: +2348182240022, +2347066758278, +2348128909947 or
Email us: aunityliving@gmail.com, info@unitylivingng.org
Website: www.unitylivingng.org
Partner, sponsor or volunteer your efforts for the success of this historic campaign.

Let's help the government in their efforts to keep Port Harcourt city and its environs clean.
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