Our Policy Statement

Unity Living Organization for Societal Development was founded for the purpose of empowering lives and advancing the progress of societies through provision of grants to individuals or groups for investment purposes, medicals, research & development, education, Manufacturing, Scholarships, cell group investment, Farming, sports, Talent development, Seminar Training, legal protection, Housing, building of vocational Schools, food banks, emergency boarding houses and provision of sustainable public utility projects like Parks, Rural centres, Cottage hospitals, water projects, City Centres, City emergency responders (inclusive of Ambulances & Fire Service trucks), Expressway Emergency responders centres and other humanitarian actions aimed at promoting social and economic wellbeing of our members and citizens of our host communities worldwide.

Due to increasing difficulty in getting loans for investment and non-existent social security system especially in Africa we founded this NGO to enable people from all works of life to have the opportunity of uniting financial and intellectual efforts in mass for the purpose of providing grants and amenities that empower lives and develop efficient societies; first within Nigeria and other African Nations. We also look up to donor agencies, philanthropists, members of the public and government agencies for donations in other to effectively carry out our humanitarian aims and objectives.

1) To promote unity, peace and harmony amongst people for the purpose of achieving development.
2) To cater for social needs of people in other to achieving growth in the society
3) To provide Medicare, housing, food bank, public utilities like Relaxation parks, Play grounds, fire service trucks, rural water & Electrification etc. for people.
4) To protect human rights and provide legal assistance to people in need of it.
5) To provide grants to people for research and development, agriculture, business start-ups, Talent development, manufacturing etc.
6) To engage in activities that protects the environment.
7) To build educational and vocational facilities, organize Seminars, workshops, conferences and promote scholarship schemes.
8) To encourage mandatory donations and wilful donations from members of the organization and the general public, private and government agencies for purpose of achieving our aims and objectives.